Data Resources & Partners

Are you interested in providing data for use in NREX? We welcome data inclusion suggestions as this resource continues to grow in future. Contact us with comments and suggestions.

Below is a list of data provided to, or used in, the NREX application. The agency title is followed by the type and level of partnership provided, of which there are several levels or types of data shares. 

  • Map services are data provided directly by the agency from their own servers in the form of a map service. Data included as services are updated and maintained only by the data provider. 
  • Application links are direct links from the NREX application to other map applications and their resources. The data are not stored in NREX in this case, but rather users are redirected to another map application for additional resources. 
  • National-level map services are data provided by federal agencies for public use.  
  • Data share indicates when agencies share their data directly with the application developers for use in the application. In the case of data shares, the data provider is responsible for providing the most up to date data available to the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC), which is responsible for maintaining the map services. 
  • Passive data share are cases where agencies do not provide data directly, but rather WyGISC downloads data from agency sites, and stores and serves data directly for use in NREX. 

Have questions for a state agency regarding their data? Follow the links below to contact the agency directly. 

Wyoming Pipeline Authority, map services
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, map services
Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments, map services
Wyoming Game and Fish Department, map services
Wyoming State Geological Survey, map services
Wyoming Economic Analysis Division, active data share
Wyoming Infrastructure Authority, active data share
Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office, active data share

Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites, & Trails, active data share
Wyoming Department of Revenue, passive data share
Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, active data share
Wyoming Water Resources Data Center, direct application link
Wyoming State Engineers Office, active data share
Wyoming Department of Transportation, map services

US Forest Service, national-level map services
US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wyoming Ecological Services Field Office, national-level map services
US Geological Survey, national-level map services 
US Census Bureau, national-level map services

US Department of Commerce, national-level map services
US DOI National Park Service, national-level map services
Federal Emergency Management Agencynational-level map services
US Environmental Protection Agency, application link and map services
Natural Resources Conservation Service, Wyoming State Office, active data share
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, passive data share
US DOI Bureau of Land Management, passive data share, active data share in progress

Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, direct application link
The Nature Conservancy, active data share (former)
Wyoming Natural Diversity Database, map services

NREX Data List (PDF)