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Technology Requirements

NREX is designed using the latest in technology, including HTML5 and JavaScript. With this in mind, the application is designed to work in up to date internet browsers.

Supported Devices

The NREX application is designed specifically for desktop computer use with a high resolution monitor and a modern internet browser. It is also compatible with tablets, though it is a large application and is not optimized for this use. While this application will run on a mobile phone or similar device, it was not designed for such use. 

  • All Desktop computers with a supported and up to date internet browser and an internet connection (refer to supported browser list below)
  • Tablets: All functionality will run smoothly except for Data Download, which is not yet supported by those devices
  • Tablets with a screen size 2,048 by 1,536 pixels or greater are recommended

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome (versions > 83 and newer recommended)
  • Firefox (versions > 77 and newer recommended)
  • Microsoft Edge (versions > 44 and newer recommended)
  • Opera (versions > 68 and newer recommended)
  • Safari (versions >13 and newer recommended)

Browsers with limited download functionality

NOTE: browsers listed below do not yet support the latest in functionality for HTML5 (which affects the download capabilities of NREX)

  • iOS Safari (versions > 13 and newer recommended) - does not support NREX download functionality